Frequently Asked Questions


Are at-home materials required?  

Yes, per my licensing agreement with Kindermusik International at-home materials are required for each enrolled student - and I might add they are crucial to the overall success of your experience.   If you already have the required materials from a previous child in Our Time or Imagine That, you do not have to purchase them again.  

Are siblings welcome at Our Time class? 

Yes, siblings are welcome at Our Time and they can come for no charge if they are also enrolled in their own class during the same semester.  If they aren't, they are welcome at Our Time for $4/class.  Babies younger than 16 months can attend at no charge.   

Can I come try out a class first? 

Yes, you are welcome to come preview a class for free.  Once the semester has begun, however,  my classes are at capacity so I will need to work you in on a week I know someone will be absent.  You'll likely then need to wait until the following semester before there is an opening to enroll.  Also, please note that if you are previewing a class that does not include parents, you will only be able to attend during the last fifteen minutes of class with the other parents so as to not disrupt the learning experience of the enrolled students.  

Do I need to enroll for the entire semester or can I pay class by class?

Because of the way my semesters are set up and because my classes are usually filled to capacity at semester start, it is expected that you are enrolled for the entire semester.

Are make-up classes offered?

Make-up classes are offered for classes that were missed (and that I was notified ahead of time of) but they can only be scheduled during classes that I know someone will also be absent from.   

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